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Education South Asia (10)

About Us

Education.SouthAsia is an interdisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners working on/in South Asia. This initiative is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and University College London.
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Education.SouthAsia invites original and analytic pieces that make interdisciplinary contributions to the issue of education in South Asia.

Innovation Spotlight Series – Spotlight 3: SaySomethingin.com

“Revolutionising Language Teaching in South Asia: The “Anyone Can Teach” Approach” Introduction: The landscape of language teaching in South Asia […]

Overcoming the ‘ordinary’ through Disability Studies

In this ThinkPiece, I wish to articulate how a particular understanding of disability can allow educators to transgress frameworks of […]

Navigating Ideal Worker Expectations: A Single Female Academician in Bangladesh during Pandemic

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters – one represents danger, and the other represents […]

Artisan education and craft practice- Interwoven models of learning

Most conversations about education address the domain of formal institutional knowledge and cerebral modes of learning, re-enforcing the binary of […]

Innovation Spotlight Series – Spotlight 3: Incentivising Arabic to Engage Female Adult Learners: A Case Study of Dhaka’s Neemtoli Slum

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has risen in Bangladesh, creating more competition for waged employment in an already competitive market […]

Auditing for Empathy – The New Trend in Indian Schools

School education in India has had the reputation of being demanding, stressful and unforgiving for children. The overly competitive school […]

Varied Perceptions of Education in South Asia

The word ‘education’ is often used as a generic term to describe a wide range of activities and their consequences. […]

Innovation Spotlight Series – Spotlight 2: The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women – A reimagined MBA for women

India faces a strange paradox. While a greater number of women are enrolling in higher education each passing year, they […]

Trailing Queerness in Indian Academia

Contrary to popular opinion, the idea of queerness has deeply been integral in the Indian society since its ancient days. […]

Adoption of Natural Language Processing in Education: Implications for students

India, like most South Asian countries, is a multilingual society. Though this allows for a diversity of cultural resources, a […]

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