Communicating Research: Education and Digital Storytelling in South Asia

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The title for this panel discussion is ‘Communicating Research: Education and Digital Storytelling in South Asia’. The session discusses the work of four initiatives in this context: Aaina Education, Daak, EPW Engage and India Ink. All four of these initiatives communicate academic or archival research to the public through social media and have been hugely successful in communicating ideas of social injustice and inequalities through their innovative platforms. 


Joyeeta Dey is an independent researcher with eight years of experience. She has formally studied sociology of education and globalisation of education policy. Her published work is on datafication/digital governance of education, and school de-segregation and the Indian middle classes. Along with five other colleagues, she co-runs the Instagram handle Aaina_edu. 

Onaiza Drabu is a Kashmiri anthropologist. She writes about identity, nationalism, and Islamophobia, and co-curates a newsletter called Daak on South Asian literature and art.

Rahul Jaywant Bhise is a Multimedia Editor at EPW Engage. He has previously written for The Wire and Firstpost. He was a South Asia Foundation scholar at the Asian School of Journalism, Chennai. 

Thomas Manuel is an award-winning writer whose work revolves around the intersection of history, science, and education. His first book, Opium Inc: How a Global Drug Trade Funded the British Empire, is a narrative account of the opium trade between British India and China. He currently works on India Ink, a public history project where he makes videos about how the past continues to affect us today.